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Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information

All personal information submitted to the down payment registry through registration for registry services and during use of registry services which could be used to recognize individual users is kept confidential and will not be sold, shared, leased/rented or licensed to any third party without the prior consent of the user. Home for the Honeymoon may collect personal information necessary to respond to your requests for our customized products and services as well as requests for referrals to real estate industry professionals and to allow you to use the personalized resources available on our website.

Where requests for referrals to real estate industry professionals is made by users, it is understood that the user’s personal contact information will be disclosed to the referred party for the purposes of establishing contact with the down payment registry user.

Home for the Honeymoon reserves the right to use general anonymous data collected on the website for the purposes of tracking and maintaining website activity and quality service.

Handling of Contributions

You acknowledge and agree that manages all funds that are received via You also acknowledge and agree that if the 'Recipient' chooses to use the 'Services' provided by H4H, he/she/they agree to sign-up for a free ‘Premier’ account (agreeing to their Terms) and submit the email address linked to their PayPal account to H4H. 'Recipients' agree and understand that he/she/they must sign-up for a ‘Premier’ PayPal account and submit their email address through their registration page before he/she/they can start collecting donations towards their house fund. The 'Recipient' also acknowledges that he/she/they must follow processes as described via PayPal to receive a deposit of gift funds to their bank account or other form of payment of their gift funds. ’Recipients’ also agree that once a payment of funds is made towards their account, PayPal will process this payment deducting the PayPal processing fee and the balance of the payment will be forwarded to the “Recipients’ PayPal account. ‘Recipients’ also agree that all inquiries related to donations received or to be received in their PayPal ‘Premier’ account must be directed solely to PayPal and not H4H. Home For the Honeymoon is not authorized to make inquiries to PayPal on behalf of either the ‘Donor’ or the ‘Recipient’ because the donation of any funds is solely between the ‘Donor’ and ‘Recipient’.